An appeal

Further steps:  

by   Er. Gaurav Singhal [Profile]

1. File an RTI, even anonymously, to press for the action by the college, and to know the phone numbers of parents of culprit seniors.
See for more.

ou may also write to us at , or call Gaurav Singhal (09911370552) for help after reading the mentioned pages.

 2.  Paste the ragging incidents occurring at the college at about 50 blogs/ social networking pages, even anonymously. Ask all to call the college head and condemn ragging. Let there be a hundred calls to the Director, the Dean, and the Wardens. Let the world put them under tremendous pressure.

3.  Send the text of email to the college through online free fax also, since many a times they check emails only once in a week. In those cases, faxes work better.
See for more on free online faxes. Search google for more on it.

4.  Forward the information given at these pages by email to each and every first year student, asking him or her to follow the steps mentioned in it.