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Er. Gaurav Singhal

Gaurav Singhal passed out of IIT Kanpur and at Society against Violence in Education (SAVE) he is National Coordinator and the RTI Cell Head.

Perturbed with the murder of a medical student in the name of ragging in year 2009, he joined the Anti-Ragging NGO SAVE and over the last few years, he has been instrumental in the organization multiplying its reach and impact manifold.

He has filed RTI queries to scores of colleges and government authorities, prompting them to take necessary action with regard to ever increasing ragging cases in the country.

A tech person, he has also been able to establish monthly communication through about 5,000 educational institutions across India through emails and faxes to educate and alert them against any ragging incident in their institutions.

Gaurav has also helped numerous ragging victims that report ragging incidents to SAVE, finally getting F.I.R.s registered against the culprits in many cases. He believes that every fresher student can be made a soldier in the fight against ragging through the use of technology and some ingenious ideas, that he calls Non-Conventional Methods, on the lines of the methods like Satyagrah, Picketing, and Boycott used by Gandhi.

Gaurav Singhal has also appeared over the last few years at various media like TV, FM and Newspapers to spread awareness about the ragging issues. He has also been at the forefront of opposition of the media programs and advertisements that depict and eulogize ragging, and have been a part of NGO’s successful efforts in this regard.

Gaurav believes in the power of ideas, ideas that require very little effort but have the potential to bring-in an unprecedented reduction in the level of ragging in the country. He believes there is solution to every problem, it is only the human mind that remains unable to think and reach to the solution.

His dream is to see a time when there is no report of any ragging from the country.

He can be contacted at rtidesk[AT]

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