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More about the helpline complaint registration 

by   Er. Gaurav Singhal [Profile]

SAVE recommends complaint registration through email at and asking them for a complaint number. Follow it up with a phone call after a few minutes, to inform them of the email and to ask for the complaint number.

If you want not to disclose your name, make a completely anonymous new email id, like VictimsofRagging@..., or   BTech_Boy@...  Do not make a fake name like mohitshetty@   or dileep@ since then the institute might simply say there is no student with this name.

See Appendix 1 for such an anonymous complaint registered to the helpline, and the action taken.
In the complaint, try to provide the names, year and branch of the seniors. Try to provide the exact date, timings, places, and details of the ragging incidents.

If the ragging involves violence, physical harm or sexual harassment, ask the helpline to tell the principal in clear words to file an F.I.R. against the culprits with-in 24 hours.
We would recommend that you to complain in your name, although if you want you may remain anonymous also. With this step we expect ragging to reduce by 75% in just 2-3 days.

Complaining through email to helpline ensures:

  1. Very little chance for the helpline to refuse the complaint as "prank call" or to suggest any "compromise".
  2. No pressure to tell their names on the victims who want to register anonymously.
  3. Victim has an exact copy of the complaint s/he has lodged, and has proof of lodging the complaint,
  4. If Cc is made to SAVE at   mail [AT] no2ragging [dot] org /  contact [AT] no2ragging [dot] org, we also get a copy, and the chance of refusal by the helpline declines further.
After that, make a phone call to inform that about the sending of an email by you. If you have decided for an anonymous complaint, tell in clear terms that you do not wish to tell the name to even the helpline staff, even if the staff presses you to tell your name. Give the reference of the information given on Antiragging Helpline’s own website: