Before, During & After Admission



To help students and parents benefit from the 24-page tedious regulations document, SAVE has provided the gist and the summary of the document below. SAVE recommends all the freshers and their parents to go through this page in detail, and file RTIs even before (or after) the joining to ensure that the college has fully complied with the Anti-Ragging measures, and has a safe environment. Some sample RTI applications are posted at SAVE’s website www.No2Ragging.Org


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1. Applicable to ALL higher educational institutions, imparting education beyond 12 years of schooling.

Before and during admission and registration:

2. Every public declaration, brochure of admission/instruction booklet/prospectus bearing these regulations in full, to be printed.

3. Telephone numbers of the Anti-Ragging Helpline and all the important functionaries in the institution, members of the Anti-Ragging Committees and Anti-Ragging Squads etc. to be published in brochure of admission/instruction booklet or the prospectus.

4. Every student and his/her parents to file an affidavit avowing not to indulge in ragging. (SAVE believes one of the strongest reasons for ragging to happen is that the raggers are dead sure that parents would never get to know their heinous acts. The affidavit filed by parents will bear the name, address and telephone numbers of the parents of the senior students. A fresher can file RTI applications, even without disclosing his name, to get these details of ragger’s parents, and call/ write himself or make his parents talk to ragger’s parents to rein in him. Once freshers take courage and start doing that, we feel ragging may drastically reduce in India.)

5. The institution is to prominently display posters detailing laws and punishment against ragging.

6. Anti-ragging squad to ensure vigil at odd hours during first few months at hostels, inside institution premises as well as privately commercially managed hostels.

After admission:

7. Printed leaflet to be given to every fresher detailing addresses and telephone numbers of the Anti-Ragging Helpline, Wardens, Head of the institution, all members of the anti-ragging squads and committees, and relevant district and police authorities.

8. Identity of informants of ragging incidents to be fully protected.

9. Faculty members assigned to students to make surprise visits and to maintain a diary of his / her interaction with the freshers.

10. Freshers to be lodged, as far as may be, in a separate hostel block.

11. Head of the institution, at the end of each academic year, to send a letter to the parents/guardians of the students who are completing their first year in the institution informing them about these Regulations.


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