Excuses & Reasons


Often the proponents of ragging put forward some excuses in support of it.
Let’s have a discussion on it.

Excuse 1:   
“Ragging is simple fun. It involves joking, singing, dancing, solving problems and other activities that are really enjoyable!”


The nature of abuses that we hear about ragging (officially and unofficially) can be compared to that which was prevalent in the infamous “Abu Ghraib” of Iraq.

It is undeniable that Ragging is fun for those who rag, just like the U.S. marines had fun with the Abu Ghraib prisoners in their captivity. The raggers do enjoy it just like a serial killer enjoys killing.

Excuse 2:
“Ragging makes a student bold and smart. It prepares one for facing future hardships. It makes better rapport between the seniors and the juniors!



Would one like to strip or rape his family members, like younger brothers or sisters, to make them “smart” and “bold” and to strengthen the family bond???

Ragging breaks one’s psyche, destroys the self esteem and often results in long term psychological problems. The ragging seniors want to frighten and demoralize their juniors, not to make them strong… because they want to prove themselves superior and establish themselves as the “masters” of the helpless juniors.

Ragging is nothing less than serious human rights violation, and often leaves indelible scars on the innocent minds of the victims, some of whom may require long term psychiatric treatments.

Excuse 3:  
“Raggers and those who are ragged become great friends. Juniors learn to respect seniors!”


Do you really feel that a rape victim may really ever be “respectful” to the rapist?

Fear makes the juniors feign respect and friendliness to avoid further troubles. We should never forget that respect comes not from oppression or fear, but from love and reciprocal sympathy.

Could Hitler really earn respect from his countrymen?

There are better ways to make friends.

Excuse 4:  
“Ragging symbolizes courage and heroism !”


Nothing can be farther from the truth than this statement.

Standing up against something that is obviously wrong is the best example of courage. And that’s the example young students need to set.

It’s been a vicious cycle of the victim becoming the ragger. What we need is for students who are enrolled in courses right now to ensure that their campus is ragging-free. And in a few years from now, ragging would be a thing of the past.

The real heroes are those who are ready to sacrifice, and show their courage not to intimidate, but to help and save somebody in distress.