Curb Ragging

Know how to curb ragging

For Victims:

5 simple steps!

Ragging usually reduces by 75% in 72 hours of following these steps:

You may get an idea in just 2 min 30 sec!

1. Register a complaint at National Anti-Ragging Helpline. (30 Minutes).

It’s a Central Government based 24- hour helpline to help anyone facing ragging. Within 15 minutes of your call they will call your head of the institution and the local police of your area, to inform them and to ask to immediately help you.

You may register the complaint on toll-free phone number (1800-180-5522), or through email ( recommend an email followed by a phone call.

Meanwhile, your name would be required to be given to them, for complaint registration. You may also register an anonymous complaint, i.e. a complaint in which you do not tell your name to the helpline, although we encourage you to file the complaint in your name, and use the anonymous route only if it is really required to ensure your safety and well-being.

Click here to get more about the helpline complaint registration, before you register.

Meanwhile, also search Google to know more about the Anti Ragging Helpline.

2. Involve us if the Anti-Ragging Helpline’s impact is less than satisfactory or swift. (20 Minutes)

Within 24 hours if the college does not start the action, involve us. Go to our ‘Report Ragging’ page (click here), and fill in the details of the ragging incidents and the helpline complaint number.

Write what you expect from us and the helpline. Write the immediate relief you want. Provide us the phone numbers and email ids of your college administration. We will then take up the matter with the helpline, and will call directly your head of the institution, if needed.

In the meantime, encourage your friends facing ragging to also file separate complaints on the helpline. Emerging number of complaints puts pressure of the head of the institution to act.

3. Start a Mass Email Campaign that shakes-up the college. (30 Minutes)

If the college administration is slow, write about 20-50 emails, if required even anonymously; to the college’s administration. Also copy (cc) the same email to every faculty, all wardens, SAVE (see right), the media, and if possible, to the police and the chief minister.

Emails of most of the faculty can be availed from the college website. Other email ids can be searched on Google.

Mention the problems you are facing. Ask the college to talk to the parents of the culprit seniors. Request for making surprise raids in the hostels and house the freshers in separate hostels. Click here for such a sample email to give you an idea.

Also, ask all the freshers to send such emails.

With such a mass email campaign, they will be so much pressure, they will act. Things will change. And remember, one or two emails a few people will not change much! You have to reach to enough people from the college that these people start enquiring what is going on in the college!

Click here to see some testimonials of what such campaigns have done in past.

4. Try some other effective methods, if the college is too slow. (2-3 hours)

Usually in 72 hours following the above steps the ragging is controlled by the college administration. But if the college administration is still immune to your complaint, click here to follow the further steps that also include an RTI application to the college and the U.G.C…

5. Keep in touch, report to us for any change. (15 Minutes)

We keep a close eye on each case reported to us. Do also report to us for any change experienced, so that it helps us in further fine-tuning our process.

Meanwhile, after your email to the helpline, we hope action would be taken within 12 hours!